Common service calls generally consist of:

  • No water and/or water stops, and then comes back on.
  • Low or inconsistent water pressure.
  • Leak in pressure tank.
  • Water has an odor or bad taste.
  • Rust stains from water.
  • Water line is leaking / water coming up out of ground.
  • Failed bacteria test.
  • Well sterilization.

Service Features:

  • Real person who answers the phone and provides assistance.
  • Records of wells and pump systems. These records include specific types of equipment, depth of well, and distances. Horsepower of motor, and type of pitless adapter.
  • Employees who are trained and experienced.
  • Proper tools to do the work.
  • Inventory of pump, pressure tanks, and well accessories.
  • Equipment to pull pumps.
  • Equipment to excavate the earth.
  • Suppliers and manufacturers that provide additional knowledge and product warranties.