beinhower-bros-drilling-company-about-usBeinhower Bros. Drilling Company was founded in 1923 by the Beinhower brothers. Chuck Beinhower owned and operated the company until 1977 when it was transferred to William Montgomery, a longtime employee. Brad Ulery has owned and operated the company since March of 1987. Since that time, Beinhower Bros. has expanded their services with personnel, modern equipment, and new techniques.

Beinhower Bros. Drilling Company is a dedicated company of trained and experienced professional water-well drillers, pump installers, and water treatment personnel. Our services revolve around people, ground water, and drilling into the earth. We believe in treating EVERYONE right. Our documentation and records are superior and facilitate an ongoing record. We truly offer a greater value to customers desiring a reliable, safe water supply. We also offer drilling techniques that classify our wells as the highest quality possible.


We offer 2 methods of well drilling – modern rotary drilling, which uses PVC casing, and traditional cable well drilling, which uses the percussion technique. We drill for many different applications. Our water drilling purposes include drinking water, irrigation water, heating and cooling, and pond, lake, and stream recharge. Other drilling applications include exploratory drilling and customized well drilling.


We design and engineer pump systems to deliver water for the specific needs of the client. A pump system typically consists of all the components necessary to deliver water from the well to the point of delivery at a specific pressure.


We install and service water treatment equipment. This type of equipment primarily includes water softeners, iron removal filters, reverse osmosis, and distillers.


  • We communicate with our customers and provide information that allows them to make informed decisions.
  • Our work includes industrial, residential, and agricultural work.
  • We primarily service central Ohio, but our service range encompasses the entire state.

Company Policy:

Treat Everyone Right!

-Brad Ulery, President

Fun Fact

Water is present on earth in three forms: Solid, Liquid, and Gas (vapor). Water vapor is present in the air at all temperatures. It is the only element that has 3 distinct forms.